Climate Change Is Good for King Charles’ Finances

King Charles III is making a dual killing on the “climate change” hoax: in financial profits from the monetary inflation it is causing, and in the people it is eliminating from the planet. As for the first, the Royal Family could be awarded £111 million from the wind farms built on the Crown Estate, a “windfall” profit of almost £24 […]

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Where Did the Billions Sent to Ukraine End Up?

According to the latest figures from Brussels, the EU has given Kyiv €72 billion in economic, military, and humanitarian aid since February 2022, draining its coffers. Nonetheless, the European Commission announced in June that it would offer Kyiv an additional €50 billion in loans and grants. That move has been opposed by Hungary, whose Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on […]

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China-Africa Trade Is Booming

Representatives from 53 African countries (all but one) and 12 international organizations attended the third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, which ran from June 29-July 2 in Changsha, Hunan Province. This year’s event attracted 1,500 exhibitors, a jump of 70% compared to the previous Expo. Global Times pointed out that bilateral trade between China and African countries saw a 20-fold […]

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