A Desperate Kiev Bans Religious Freedom, Demands Ethnic Cleansing

As Russia delivers devastating attacks on Ukraine’s vital infrastructure and energy supplies, the government, presumably on orders from the West, is still refusing to negotiate and insists it will fight to the last man. NATO officials continue to bluster that “we will stay by your side until victory”. But weapons supplies are running out, faster than the military industrial complex […]

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Biden Announces Second Summit of Hypocrisy…er, uh….Democracy

On Dec. 9-10, 2021, when Russian President Putin was demanding a response from NATO leaders to what French President Macron now admits were legitimate security concerns, the transatlantic governments ignored the Russian leader, instead gathering for what they ostentatiously called the “Summit for Democracy.” The online summit was used to divide the world into two blocs, of “democracies” squaring off […]

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Energy: China Commits to Fusion Power

Amid all the depressing talk of energy scarcity and soaring prices, it is refreshing to hear in China, at least, serious efforts are being made to develop a new, unlimited source for the not-so-distant future. China’s Science and Technology Daily reported Nov. 28 on the status of the Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT) now being built at the Hefei […]

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