Germany Assumes Leading Role in Western Escalation against Russia

While there can be no doubt that the main decision-makers behind the the package of economic and military measures taken last weekend against Russia were Anglo-American geopolitical circles, they also involved a shocking turnaround in Berlin and the announcement of a huge rearmament program. Helga Zepp-LaRouche called this policy shift “an earthquake” and an “absolute catastrophe”, because Chancellor Scholz turned […]

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Warnings of Nuclear War Danger from the United States and Italy

Many voices have emerged in NATO countries calling on their respective governments to take into account Russia’s legitimate demands for security guarantees, which have been cavalierly rejected up to now. * From the United States, Tulsi Gabbard, a former Congresswoman from Hawaii and former Democratic Party presidential candidate who served in Iraq, has come under severe fire for her outspoken […]

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World Food Crisis Impacted by Conflict and War

According to a report by the World Food Program earlier this year, more than 200 million people in the world today are in in danger of starvation, and their rank threatens to grow by another 100 million in this year alone. This dramatic estimate for 2022 was issued even before the ongoing military conflict in Europe. In Afghanistan, 23 million […]

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