The Great Reset Can Be Stopped with Glass-Steagall Reform

EIR Economics editor Paul Gallagher has drawn an efficient parallel between the strategies implemented by Hitler’s Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht and the current scheme of central bankers known as the “Great Reset”. At the August 2019 yearly meeting of central bankers at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that scheme was again discussed as a means of bringing about a “regime change” in […]

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China Celebrates On Hundred Years of the Communist Party

The month of July in China is devoted to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Of course, the system of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” is very different from western systems, but it is terribly short-sighted to arrogantly dismiss its accomplishments, and terribly stupid to try and force it into the Anglo-American “rules-based order”. The […]

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“Whom the Gods Would Destroy”: Report on the Schiller Institute Conference

Political activists, together with scientists, economists, farmers, public health professionals, and retired military and intelligence officers came together in the June 26-27 International Schiller Institute Conference to analyze the existential crisis facing mankind today, and deliberate on the means required to mobilize the world behind a new paradigm, free of geopolitics and Malthusianism, and based on “peace through de velopment.” […]

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